Tatami Ecru Duvet

I don’t know much about Japan and all its traditions, but I did hear of the word “tatami”. I first heard it in martial arts, in judo and karate, and I picture it as that traditional round rug the fighters use as their battle ground. The one who steps out of the tatami is considered defeated. However, I found out in the meantime that the word comes from the traditional Japanese mat made of rice straw. This Tatami Ecru Duvet is not a mat, but it is inspired from it as design. It is actually a duvet, as the name says, and is beautifully coloured with ecru lines that look like rice straw.

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This nice duvet has a snap closure and is 100% made of cotton percale. It is made in Portugal and should be washed in warm water and even pre-washed because the colour may fade away or get all spread out and it will look bad. That is precisely why you are not allowed to use any bleachers when washing it. The duvet is available in queen size and king size and this influences its price, too. The king sized duvet can be bought for $74 and the queen sized one for $64, both from Unison Home.