Table Ripple lamp in black,cream,chocolate and aubergine

Lighting fixtures are essential in every home both for artificial illuminating and as a powerful design element. Thanks to the amount of light spread into any room lamps give warmth no matter the space and create a romantic ambiance. This particular lamp is called Ripple and is a beautiful large oval table lamp featuring a fun, modern design. The marvelous object is the perfect candidate if you want to add a contemporary look into your living area.

The striking design features an unusual raised ripple effect base with a coordinating tapered oval lamp shade in black. Those incredible beautiful decorative items are available for the general public in 4 stunning colors : black, chocolate, cream and aubergine, so you don’t be afraid that is not going to fit into your décor. Also these lighting devices are fully approved and comply with the British safety standards and all lamps come complete with a 3 pin UK power plug already fitted.

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Their sizes are approximately 54 cm High and 39 cm width and there are compatible with 60 w bulbs or 11 w bulbs depending on the amount of light you want in your room and also for a low power consumption.  Leaving aside the technicalities these lamps look tremendously good in  any setting and the price does not reflects at all their true value, thereby for  £35,20 at Terrys Fabrics you get a wonderful decorative item  that will definitely add some  value to your interior.

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Posted in Lighting on February 29, 2012

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