Sweet Seating Collection by Sander Van Der Haar and Jaromir Maas For Spell

If you take a look at these pictures, you could swear you watch a sweet shop window with all kinds of yummy candies and chocolate bars or cakes with layers of sweet and tasty cream. But only after a few seconds do you realize it’s actually furniture. Actually this was the intention of the designers: to make some special furniture that is inspired from the design of chocolate cakes or icecream. The only thing that gives up reality are the wooden short legs that appear from under the bed and chairs.

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The Sweet Seating Collection was created by Dutch Designers Sander van der Haar and Jaromir Maas for Dutch manufacturer Spell. Sweet stool is inspired by the process of ice-cream making. Like ice-cream, Sweet is coated in a layer, that is both durable and delicious. Therefore we like to say Sweet is dipped in pleasure! This stool is available in a wide variety of tasty colours. In its quality Sweet becomes a cheerful addition to any interior.{via yatzer}