Sweet DIY Paint Swatch Chandelier

These autumn days may prove to be boring sometimes. If it happens to rain too then you definitely find a way to relax and feel nice. A bad weather may be a perfect opportunity to create wonderful things or discover activities that may fill in your boring moments with something funny and interesting. If you have a couple of free moments you may also try some DIY projects. You will have the opportunity to create something nice and useful for your home and feel proud of your work.

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Take for example this sweet DIY Paint Swatch Chandelier. Some materials and a few free moments will help you to get a nice and funny chandelier that will make your room become more joyful and attractive. All you need for this lovely DIY project is : a whole bunch of paint swatches of various colors, a scalloped paper punch that will help you to punch about 40-60 swatches into little medallions, a lamp shade which will remain without its fabric using an Exacto knife and a metal scissors, along piece of colored thread and a ribbon.

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The process is not complicated and the result will make feel joyful and satisfied of what you have accomplished to do. Perhaps one thing that you need to do is to think of a place where you can hang this sweet chandelier.{found on heygorg}