Super Mario Furniture For Fans

Super Mario is the most popular game around the world developed by Nintendo in 1985. Now we can see the Super Mario in real life in our kids room.The Super Mario Theme include shelves, end table and clocks built by Neatoramanaut Dennis and Judith for their apartment.Below there are some pictures from Super Mario World. As you can see, the busy plumber is once again coming to work, this time in your kids’ room.

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Even if they are too small to know who was Mario and what he meant for children in my generation for example, they will be happy to have a funny character in their room, making it more welcoming and attractive for them. You can see Mario painted on the furniture and even carved in wood, together with his friend, coming to help the kids find the right drawer or shelf for the socks, the toys, the books and so on.

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There are also some hints reminding you of the old game, like the visibly pixelated question mark and the stylized brick wall painted inside the shelves. Yes, I am a bit nostalgic about this game character and I wish I had this furniture in my room.{found on Neatorama}

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Posted in Kids on November 17, 2010

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