Subtle Changes To Improve Your Windows

Many people are under the illusion that the word “shutters” simply refers to the metal fixtures that are pulled down over shop windows at night. This simply isn’t true. Interior wooden shutters offer an alternative to standard window treatments such as blinds and curtains, and are just as open to customisation as any other window furnishing.

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As with other window treatments, the decorative qualities of these shutters can be uniquely changed to suit any room. They can easily be accessorised through the use of paint, different finishes, new handles and other pieces of hardware to help them influence the visual appeal of a room as well as serve a functional purpose.

Paint and Finishes.

These are the most obvious and efficient ways to change the general appearance of your shutters. Both options offer a nice change from the norm and both look nice on most shutters, depending on what you want from your window treatments. If you wish to expose and enhance the lovely natural effects of the wooden shutters then a clear or translucent finish will help you bring out the best in this situation. On the other hand if you want to cover up the wood below for a less authentic look, then a solid coat of paint will help you achieve this. Making the choice between paint and a finish is totally dependent on a number of other factors as well as the appearance you want. The condition of the shutter also plays a part, as well as the amount of time and effort the homeowner is willing to dedicate to the task.

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When it comes to the condition of the shutter, one in a natural condition would benefit most from a clear or translucent finish as this will really bring out the natural grain and variations in the wood. If the shutter has previously been painted, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue as it can easily be sanded down to return to a state that resembles its original condition.

Decorative Hardware.

There is a wide variety of additions and hardware that can enhance the visual appeal of shutters. These can include handles, hinges and knobs as well as many others. Making subtle changes to these can help a homeowner improve the appearance of their shutters without having to put in too much thought or effort. Again, what you do to your shutters totally depends on the appearance you’re hoping to achieve. For example, a more modern look can be gained with the use of brushed silver accessories.

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On the other hand, polished gold would create a more timeless look for your room. As is the case with paints and finishes, the condition of the shutters can also play a huge part in helping you choose what accessories to put on them. For example, shutters that are showing quite a bit of wear and tear would probably benefit mostly from brushed hardware as this helps hide it better than the others.

As you can see, the changes that you make to your shutters are totally dependent on a huge variety of things, but if the thought is put into it, you can really make these shutters stand out and never get old.

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