Strange “Feel” Seating by Animi Causa

Those who love funny, simple things that will always seasonate the beautiful moments of their lives have now the opportunity to decorate their room with a strange seating object.Animi Causa – an Israeli design manufactures produce these seating pieces which are funny, practical and comfortable.

They are made of interconnected softballs that can be arranged in different ways and offer you a multitude of lying positions. So, take advantage of all these features and try to relax and feel as comfortable as you can.

These softballs look like some round fruits or vegetables. You may choose the color that you want which will definitely bring life to your room.Your room will become a wonderful relaxing place where you can invite your friends to spend a beautiful afternoon taking advantage of your comfortable seating piece. They will be attracted to your funny and cozy décor that will create an agreeable and relaxant atmosphere.