What You Can Use For Storage When You Don’t Have Shelves Or Closets

Closets and shelves are the two most common storage solutions we all include in our homes. But what if you don’t like these or you haven’t gotten around to furnish your home yet? What can you use for storage then? It’s simple really: pick one of these options.

Storage containers.

Storage containers are available in a large variety of sizes, shapes and designs and they can be used to store winter clothes, personal things and all sorts of other things. Keep them in the garage, basement, etc.

Laundry bags.

Laundry bags can also be used for other things other than laundry. For example, use them to store all your socks, towels, nightwear, daily use clothes, etc. and you can hang them from the doorknob in your bathroom or bedroom or from your heating unit.

Attractive baskets.

Baskets are great for storing small things like makeup, office supplies, scarves, gloves, etc. Make your baskets look attractive with ribbons or other small details. Place them in the corners of your room, on a table or anywhere else you find fit.

On the inside of the door.

You can install sturdy hooks or knobs on the inside of your doors to maximize storage. Use them to store and organize scarves, clothes and other things. They’re useful for every room of the house.

Storage cubes and bags.

Great for the kids’ bedroom or playroom, these storage cubes lets them organize the toys and keep them hidden in colorful bags. It’s also a nice way to teach kids how to be organized and to keep their toys off the floor.

Staircase drawers.

Be clever and make the most of your staircase. You can hide drawers inside the staircase and use them to store shoes, clothes, toys, accessories and various other things.

Log storage niches.

Keep your firewood close and organized in two niches placed on either side of the fireplace. There are, of course, other ways to store the firewood like in a box for example but this option is just bit more creative.

Under the stairs.

The wall under the staircase is not usually used for anything so you can turn it into a storage space for all sorts of little things. You can have built-in drawers or storage cubbies. A very practical idea for the entryway for example.

Under the bed.

Things like extra blankets or pillows can be stored under the bed. There’s plenty of room there for drawers and you can have them custom made in the size you prefer.

Inside the ottomans.

Some ottomans are cleverly designed to include hidden storage under their seats. This allows you to store a number of small items in there, including toys, magazines and even the remote controls.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on March 25th, 2011


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