Storage Ideas For A Boy’s Bedroom

Every bedroom presents its own challenges when it comes to storage and, in most situations, you can’t get enough of it. For boys’ rooms storage solutions are particularly sought after because, let’s face it, they have a lot of stuff. From an early age, boys collect all sorts of belongings and their bedrooms will need to serve as a storage place for their toys, books, games and clothes.

Bespoke Cabinets.

Avoiding a cluttered boy’s room may seem like an uphill struggle but there are plenty of well designed rooms for boys that can give you just the inspiration you need to make it work in your own home.

There are plenty of cabinets and closets that manufacturers have designed with the boys’ bedroom market in mind. However, not all of these are suitably sized for every home. If your boy’s bedroom has a an uneven shape, awkward corners or eaves that cut down on the space available, a good idea is to spend the extra cash and have some bespoke storage made for you. This way, you will get the best out of the room’s dimensions. Bespoke furniture will be able to fit in snugly with eaves, for instance, as if the room were designed for the furniture, not the other way around. Even ‘lost’ space behind hinged doors can be easily turned into makeshift shelving units.

Make The Most Of The Space.

To maximise the amount of storage you have in your boy’s room don’t waste any of the space available. Sure, you’ll want to have some floor space available so it can be devoted to play. However, there are plenty of unconventional places where you can fit in some storage. Think about the space above or to the side of a window and how that can be used. Low level storage units can double up as makeshift sofas by the addition of some plump covers and cushions. And use the space on the wall above your boy’s bed for additional storage space.


Shelves are, of course, a well trusted means of providing storage. However, for a boy’s room open shelving can just shift clutter from the floor to the walls. Go for shelving units that have compartments to them, so some sort of order can be more easily maintained. Use storage crates, or baskets, that can slide into the shelving compartments. This will keep the room looking tidier. For storing books a traditional, open, shelving unit works just fine.

Bed Storage Systems.

Make the most of your boy’s bed when you are looking for additional storage space. A bureau, with a pull down desk, fixed into the headboard of a bed makes for a neat storage solution. Many children’s beds have storage space beneath them or an occasional pull-out bed that can be used for guests. Have a look at these when you are ready to buy a new bed. For older boys, a bed that folds up out of the way during the day is another good idea that provides additional space for other storage furniture.


Keeping toys tidy is a problem that most parents know about. Encourage your boy to look after his own room by going for a good looking toy box that will store many of his favourite toys, whilst keeping them accessible. There are plenty of ones available that can be personalized in some way. Baskets work just as well as chests. And wire-wall bins are another good option, because they can be stacked on top of one another, when not in use.

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