Stadler Form Viktor air purifier

Today one in five people is allergic to something and does not know that. That happens because of pollution, because of the many chemicals dumped into the environment – in the water, in the air and in the soil – all of them eventually get onto our skin and affect it in a bad way, causing allergic reactions as a form of protest. Many of them get into our lungs, as we inhale them together with the air we breathe and cause asthma and allergies.

Now you have the possibility to use a special home appliance called air purifier. And this is exactly what it does: purifies the air in a house. That means that it filters all the allergens in the air, the pollen, the dust and even smoke and bacteria. So after the air is filtered with this air purifier manufactured by Stadler, it will be perfectly safe to to be inhaled by small children without the permanent danger of developing all kinds of allergies and even asthma.

It is available in black or white and you can purchase it for about $400, which is not a fortune if you come to think of your children’ s health. You can visit the official Stadler web site for further information.