Square Face Clock

Many gifted people have shown time and time again that you don’t necessarily need lots of studies or a diploma for modern design to be able to create amazing things. Sometimes all you need is a long line of family members with a history in manufacturing arts and crafts, like these Amish brothers from Schlabaugh & Sons. They inherited their father and grandfather skills and knowledge of wood and carpentry, so they started their own business. They create amazing things like this Square Face Clock from natural materials like wood that is very little crafted.

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This particular clock is hand made in stained quarter sawn oak, natural cherry or natural mahogany. The final look is incredible, half way between natural and artificial, yet so beautiful. The emphasis on details is immediately noticeable and the product has a nice antique finish that gives the clock a somewhat historical patina. The components are carefully put together so as to show no cracks or ugly joinery, but a smooth corner and a nice design.The interior clock is also square, so that it matches the outside design perfectly and the minimalist design of the numbers on the dial is also part of the same picture. The item can be ordered for $135.