Splendid DIY Outdoor Halloween Lanterns

Bats, spiders, vampires, monsters, ghosts, witches are all scary things that are perfect for the night of Halloween. Their simple image, a costume that imitates one of them or other decorative elements that take their shape can make you or your house look splendid on this holiday.

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In order to get the spirit of the holiday or feel closer to it people are willing to get costumed as scary characters , participate all kinds of activities specific to Halloween and decorate their house with spooky items or other things that symbolize this holiday.

For those who have not too much time to decorate their outdoor space for Halloween here it is a great DIY project which is very simple. It refers to some splendid DIY Outdoor Halloween Lanterns that have some spiders inside them. All you need is to get some black metal lanterns from IKEA and then add some spider images inside them. You may download the images from the internet and then print them.

The lanterns will look splendid and your outdoor Halloween décor will be ready in a minute. You may also use some other images in case you do not like spiders or you prefer some other spooky items. Now you may enjoy a beautiful glow and a great Halloween atmosphere outdoor your house!{found on thebasicsmagazine}