Spheral Sumba Stool

Stools are great in any home. They’re a very functional and practical piece of furniture. Sometimes you need a place to sit on but you don’t want to use a chair or armchair but rather something a little more simple and small like an ottoman or stool. I find them particularly useful as a complementary piece of furniture for the coffee table or other low structures.

Today we come with a very versatile type of stool called the Sumba Stool. As you might have imagines, it’s small and cute, but it doesn’t look like the standard stool, that usually had legs, most often three of them. The Sumba Stool is a legless structure with a spheral shape and very cozy look. It features a sturdy metal frame that acts as a support and a base for the whole piece. Than , the frame is wrapped and covered in beachy dried grass. This ensures a vintage, but not necessarily old look that in the same time seems very cozy.

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The Sumba Stool is a very versatile piece. Because it has such a minimalist shape and a simple design, it can be integrated in a large number of different interior designs and decors, from traditional to modern and contemporary. Another nice detail is that it can also make a great decorative item when it’s not used. It’s both decorative and functional. The stool measures 17″ DIAM x 18″ H and it’s available for 98$.

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Posted in Sofa and Chair on September 1, 2011

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