Some helpful ideas for wall hangings

Wall hangings are amazing pieces of art that are used for decorating the walls. Wall hangings are available in a wide variety of designs, styles and colors ranging from barn wood frames to exquisite vignettes, clocks to animal heads and even stunning candle holders. Basically, anything that looks classy and elegant can be used as a wall hanging. A few factors like the color combination of the wall, lighting, furniture needs to be considered before hanging a wall piece.

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1) If you desire an ethnic yet stylish look in your room, then go for metal wall hangings. They shall enliven your mind and soul with beauty. A large metal sculpture is ideal for decorating a large empty wall, whereas a small metal piece is perfect for an area with limited space. Assure that you blend the metal wall piece with the size of the wall along with the color combination of the wall and furniture.

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2) Tapestry is another fun way to create a lively look in the room. It is available in an array of colors, designs, patterns and sizes. From Native American to ethnic India, they can impart an exotic charm to your cold and boring wall. Tapestry with interesting mirror work, vibrant patchwork, sequence designs and embellishments may be selected to add more drama and style to a room.

3) If you are into painting and have an artistic bend of mind then use your wall as your canvas. Hanging a painting is an age old tradition, and you can never go wrong with it. For the bedroom, portrait and floral designs are always the right selection and for living areas, go for landscape and sceneries.

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4) You may also hang a large map on a wall and add a historic charm to the room. You could also mark the places you are planning to visit or have visited, and you might even frame it.

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5) The good old days can be brought alive by hanging a photo collage. Use pictures of friends, relatives and family members to create a joyful collage. For a natural look, stick dry flowers and leaves on a frame. If you are talented and creative, then hang your own creations and impart the room with a personalized feel. Framed certificates and degrees hung on a wall also look stunning.

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  • Amy says:

    These are really creative ideas! I loved the pictures. I read a blog before this about various home decoration ideas with a budget, and your ideas fit right in with it. Thanks again!