Some dustbin ideas in and around your home

When it comes to interior decoration of a house, a lot of attention is paid to the furniture pieces, furnishings, color palette, etc and there is one item that is often neglected in nearly every single room – dust bin.

From a living room to the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and outside patio area, every area needs its own separate dust bin. In the earlier days, a typical container was used as a dustbin and hence hidden under the desk or the table. However, today dust bins are available in an array of designs, styles, sizes, and shapes and can easily be used as a vital part of your overall interior decorating scheme.

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The type of the trash that goes into the dust bin assists in ascertaining the type of the dust bin that will be required. For instance, there is no use of placing a paper waster basket in the kitchen where peelings and food scraps constitute the trash. Similarly, if there is only paper waste in a dust bin then there is no use of having a lidded dust bin.

The most important dustbin in every house is the kitchen dustbin as it is subject to a large variety of scrap and waste. Kitchen bins should be sturdy and large enough as the household demands. Plastic dust bins are always a good option for the kitchen as they are easy to clean, and you can choose between swing bins and pedal bins. However, sensor bins and metallic bins also boast contemporary designs.

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Bathroom dustbin should be small, simple, and preferably covered. Assure that the material of the dustbin can withstand humidity and water splashes. For the office area or the living room, dust bins have come a long way. All sorts of modern materials are being used to produce dustbins for the living room and the office as the trash in these rooms is low. Designer dustbins with mural work, mirror work, painting and 3D impressions are some options that are gaining popularity all across the globe.

There has to be a dustbin in the garden or the outdoor patio area as it is not practical to go in the house every time to dispose outdoor trash. Outdoor dustbin is usually used to throw dry leaves, trimmed branches, dust, etc. You can use a simple plastic bin or even get a permanent dust bin made out of bricks and cement and get it painted in colorful designs.