Solid cube organizer

If you like to keep the place organized,this piece of furniture is perfect for you. It is a very practical organizer that features 25 cubes or shelves, each of them detailed with a hand- painted number. The entire piece is 29,5” square and 5” deep and it’s crafted from solid mahogany and finished with a rich stain that accentuates the natural color of the wood.

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It is a nice piece of furniture that helps you keep the place clean and organized. The whole process seems a lot simpler with this practical item. Even if you’re not an organized person, you might become one once you purchase this piece. Every object and every little treasure has their own place and you can arrange your personal stuff in any way you like. Also, thanks to the ingenious system that involves numbers on each shelf, you can easily remember where to find things.

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Posted in Bookshelves on April 6, 2011

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