Solatube Solar Star Attic Fan

People have finally realized they are the ones damaging the environment the most, so some of them have returned to nature, to using nature’ s gifts. One of them is sunlight. It is for free and it ensures an ecological and totally “green” energy. One of the applications that uses solar energy is Solatube Solar Star Attic Fan. It is an attic fan that uses solar energy to eliminate moisture and mold from the attic and this way make your house safer and drier.

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It uses an advanced technology and is environmentally friendly and it uses the energy provided by the sun for free. It is round in shape and has a square solar panel in the middle that makes it possible to collect sunlight and turn it into electricity that starts the fan. The fan is a normal one that, once activated, takes out the steam and the moisture, leaving a totally secure and dry environment behind. The fan is very quiet and does not need any electricity to work, so you can use it even in remote areas like the mountains. Visit the web site for more information and the phone number of the producer.{more info here}