Small Ceiling, Large Room

Having low ceilings does, without a doubt, make a house look like a family of dwarves is lining in there. In fact, you’ll feel like one after living in such space after a while. But that doesn’t have to happen. You can make it look bigger for your taste. Sometimes it’s obvious the room is small and will be categorized as small, and up to you to make it bigger.

Colors, as you know, do have one of the biggest impacts. It’s easier to make it work if you already have a lighter color to your ceiling (Remember it’s a lighter color we’re talking about, as opposed to a light color). Hopefully that is the case, as most don’t want to repaint the ceiling if it has a textured finish.

Regardless, darker colors make a ceiling gloomy and along with the room like a dungeon.Plus psychological effects can take place on the eyes causing a dizzy or claustrophobic feel. Darker colors shall be left for the wood and steel finishes. Lighter colors with a glossy, shiny finish can complement a higher looking ceiling. Not too light a color, as the effect will be identical to staring into bright sunlight and you cannot see any other light source shining nearby. If your ceilings have trims, they should be painted with a slightly contrasting color, so they can be first seen instead of what you’re hanging on the walls.

But there is something else very few know about: lighting. Since walls of lighter color reflect light better, you need a sufficient amount of lighting to visually increase the size of the room. Instead of hanging lights or wall sconce lights, a set of track lights with adjustable directional lamps or pot lights could do the trick.  If you test the lamps in opposite directions,, giving the room equal amounts of lighting, you could see how it slowly affects the sizing of the room and its furniture. When you mount lights, make sure they are placed as central in the room as possible. This tip works great if you have an open foyer with the second floor.{picture fround on 1,2,3,4}.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on June 11th, 2012


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