Sixty Minute Hourglass

Children do not have a very keen sense of time and they often mistake the moments in time saying tomorrow instead of today or yesterday. As they grow up, they understand what is going on and get some idea about the fact that “time” – a totally abstract noun – can be measured by clocks and watches. Even if they first say “I’ll stay in the park for three more minutes” just because they mimic us, their parents they do not really understand what three minutes really is and how long it takes until those minutes pass. This is the most difficult task I have to deal with right now to make my son understand the value of time. So I thought something more visual would help, so I got this beautiful Sixty Minute Hourglass as a helpful instrument, just like millenia ago, when people first used hourglasses for measuring time.

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This way my kid knows exactly that when all the sand goes down dad will come home or it will be time to go out for a stroll. However, the hourglass is not used nowadays for the original purpose unless occasionally. It is mainly used as a decorative object, something that you display because it looks nice and gives your living room design a plus. This hourglass is delicate and nice and it has the perfect dimensions for your bookcase or living room cabinet – 10″h x 4.5″w. It can be bought for $29 from Haus Interior.