Simple Solutions And Ideas For Small Living Spaces From IKEA [Video]

Ideally, we would all have large mansions with spacious rooms and with everything we need. But we’re not living in an imaginary world so we have to deal with what we have. Sometimes what we have is a home with one or several tiny rooms. In such cases we have to find design and décor solutions and, most often, the most difficult part is solving the storage issue. But for every tiny room there’s at least one solution to this problem.

For example, this lounge area is very small and it might seem cluttered. In reality, it’s a very inviting and relaxing space. The sofa is very comfortable and the TV set is complemented by a second viewing area for movies or games. This is actually a very functional space and the wall units provide plenty of storage.

A tiny bedroom is even easier to decorate. This one even has a walk-in wardrobe that pretty much solves the storage problem. It provides plenty of space for everything that needs to be stored in a bedroom and this way the rest of the room remains free and uncluttered.But there are also cases when you have to share the bedroom or your living space with one or more persons. In the case of communal living, everything changes. You have to think practically and to find clever storage solutions for everyone. You no longer have the luxury of thinking of your needs and you have to take into consideration everyone that uses the space. One simple and space-saving idea is to opt for bunk beds and for shelving.

Bunk beds or loft beds are very practical not only in shared bedrooms. They are great solutions for small rooms as they allow you to use the space underneath them for lounging. For example, place a sofa or sectional underneath the bed and you get to save lots of space. This way you also have plenty of free floor space left for daytime activities.

In the kitchen it’s very difficult to deal with a small space because of the storage problems. A tiny and cluttered kitchen is very unappealing and, to avoid that, you can try to think vertically when designing it. Try to use the walls for storage and opt for high cupboards. Use the lower storage spaces for the things you usually use.

Bathrooms are usually quite small so it’s relatively easy to deal with the lack of space. Still, if you want to avoid creating a cluttered space, you can try to make your bathroom look as simple and clean as possible. You could hide the utilities behind a curtain and you can use a shelving system for everything you need to store in this room.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on December 19th, 2012


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