Simple, functional and space-saving floating wall shelving ideas

All the rooms, regardless of their function, size and décor, need space for storage. But finding a solution that allows you to maintain a simple and airy décor, to efficiently store and display everything you need and to save space at the same time is not as easy as it might seem. But there is one element that always solves the problem. We’re talking about wall-mounted shelves. They’re simple, practical and they allow you to save valuable floor space. Here are a few ideas of how you can integrate them into your home’s décor.

We’re going to start with the living room because it’s usually the central area of the residence. Living rooms are social areas and they’re usually spacious. They should stay this way so solutions must be found to keep the décor airy while also solving the storage problems. A few simple shelves would be great for displaying decorations and storing small items.

In a minimalist living room décor you can match the color of the furniture and shelves with that of the wall. Place the shelves at different heights and create an unexpected but still organized look. The result will be a simple décor and a chic and stylish overall image.

The dining room could also benefit from the presence of a few wall-mounted shelves. You can personalize the atmosphere by displaying a few photographs on the shelves or you can use them as a display area for candles in order to create a romantic atmosphere.

If you prefer a more intimate and romantic atmosphere in the dining room you can opt for cove lighting and, in addition, you can also use the shelves to create subtle lighting. A symmetrical décor would balance everything. For example, combine shelves with artwork.

Shelves are sometimes also used as a way to create a coherent and continuous décor. For example, in a dining room with a simple décor and a simple color palette, it would be nice to have some subtle contrasts and to incorporate all the colors and materials throughout the décor.

Another area where shelving is appreciated is the bedroom. In here, there’s not much space to waste. And since the atmosphere and the décor need to be simple, airy, relaxing and calm, a few simple shelves would allow you to achieve that without much trouble.

The nursery could use some shelves as well. There are lots of cute and friendly decorations to be displayed and they would look beautiful on a minimalist shelf. Try to use the space near the window or in the corner since it can’t be used for anything else anyway.

In some spaces, the shelving is a must-have. For example, the hallway or entryway would feel incomplete without a series of shelves for displaying and storing items such as photos, keys, the mail, the phone and all sorts of other objects you usually need wither when you enter or leave the house.

In the kitchen, shelves are extremely useful. They are great for storing spices, jars, mugs and all sorts of other items that need to be close at hand when cooking or when serving meals. You can put the shelves up high so they don’t interfere with the appliances and use them to store things you don’t normally need or you can put them somewhere where they can be easily reached.

Shelves are also very useful in the bathroom. In here, the space is usually limited so the shelves are great for storing towels, bath soaps and all sorts of other necessities and keeping them handy. Floating shelves can be installed anywhere you want and this makes them very versatile and practical.

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Published by in Bookshelves, on October 30th, 2012


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