Simple flower arrangements for decorating your home

If you want to add a festive look to your home or you simply want to make it look warm and nice and you don’t know how to decorate it or what to do, you can use flowers and the effect will be amazing. A very nice looking room will look even better with a perfect flower arrangement on the table. And I am not talking about spending a lot of money for paying the florist for the elaborated flower arrangements. You can do that yourself by trying to make some very simple flower arrangements. Here are a few tips for you.

If you want a special arrangement for Halloween or Thanksgiving you can look for a special bowl or vase that looks like a pumpkin and then try to find many kinds of flowers that have almost the same color – orange. Even if they are different, they will make a very nice arrangement if they have the same color. If you want the arrangement to be a bit more obvious you can add two red roses and the effect will be amazing.

If the room is very colorful already, with lots of furniture and books and decorations it is recommended to use a very simple arrangement, preferably white. You can simply buy a bunch of white flowers and then either cut them equally long and put them in a small vase, or try to cut them of different lengths and place the shorter flowers at the base of the arrangement and the taller ones standing in the middle. Then fill the rest of the arrangement with middle sized flowers and the arrangement will be perfect. For a spectacular effect you can try to add some flowers that have the same color as the color in the room – for a blue walled room add some violets in the white bouquet or for a pink room some pink roses. But make sure you spread them and not keep them together.

Remember that white goes with any combination and if you are not sure , simply use only white and you can never be wrong. Another tip is the choosing of the vase: use short vases for short flowers and tall vases for long flowers. Do not use long flowers in short vases because they will lose balance easily and fall on the table and will also look bad.

You don’t even have to use a special vase, but you can use a glass or a bowl that can hold some flowers with water in. The focus will be on the flowers, not on the vase. If it is transparent you can add some colored stones on the bottom of the bowl and the effect is granted.

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