Simple DIY projects for a home using leather

Sometimes even the most cozy and beautiful home can start feeling monotonous at one point. But that’s a problem that can be easily solved. All you have to do is add a little spark. It doesn’t have to be overly sophisticated. A simple DIY project can completely change the atmosphere in your home. Some projects are very simple and they can also be fun to make. So we’ve selected a few ideas that you might want to try out this weekend. They are things that are both functional and beautiful and represent more than just a simple decoration.

1. Simple belted chair.

This is a project that allows you to transform a simple, traditional chair into an original and unique piece of furniture that also serves as an accent piece in your home’s décor. To make a similar chair you need a pile of old leather belts and a chair. The chair you choose must allow the transformation. An easy way to attach the leather belts is to attach one set in one direction and then the other one is the opposite direction.

2. DIY summer glass lantern.

This is a summer glass lantern that looks simple and that’s also simple to make. To create the faux cut glass lantern you can glue a small strip of leather around two washers and then use a small ring of hot glue to attach the washers to the glass vase. The glass vase needs to have the top opening wide enough to fit the candle inside. It’s a simple and beautiful project for any deck or outdoor space.

3. Leather strap hangers.

It probably doesn’t get any easier than this. It’s one of the simplest DIY projects we could find and it’s also one of the most practical. These leather wall hangers are perfect for the hallway or for the bedroom where you can use them for your scarves. You can also place them on the inner side of your dresser’s door. They are basically just folded leather strips attached to a wall or other surface with a nail and they are great for organizing your things.

4. Leather drawer pulls.

Here’s a simple way of adding a personal touch to your desk or cabinet. You can replace your old drawer pulls with these simple and lovely leather strips. You need a screwdriver, tape measure, scissors, duct tape, nails and an old leather belt. First unscrew the original hardware and measure the lengths between the original holes. Then cut strips of the belt and place them over the original holes and nail each side down.

5. DIY leather mouse pad.

Your mouse pad could use some creative thinking as well so here’s what you can do. First gather the supplies: clear matte leather sealer, acrylic paint, painter’s tape, a cutting mat, a hot glue gun, tooling leather, a paint brush and a craft knife. Take an old mouse pad and trace around the edges. Cut along the marked lines. Tape off your design and then fill it in with acrylic paint. Let it dry and then brush the leather sealer.

6. DIY mail basket.

A mail basket is very useful and should be a part of any hallway’s design. To make one similar to the one in the pictures you need a 5/8’’ wide hardwood dowel, a hardwood board, some leather straps, heavy waxed thread and tacks. First cut the wood pieces and then drill the holes. Cut the leather straps to 1’’ lengths and punch four holes on one end. Wrap a piece around the dowel and run some waxed thread through three of the holes, tie it towards the back and cut the ends. Then all the other straps and attach the basket to the wall.

7. Stylish decorative leather bowl.

This is a project that allows you to make a leather bowl with a simple, organic shape in which you can display decorative plants and other items. The leather pieces should have triangle-like shapes and they should allow you to slip them off. You need four pieces of leather which you can use to make a shallow bowl. When you find a shape that you’re happy with, use the hole punch to make holes where you want to add rivets. Insert and set the rivets and enjoy the bowl.

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Published by in DIY Projects, on October 22nd, 2012


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