Simple DIY Home Light

Many of us do not keep too many things in the house if we do not use them. Most of the time, we throw away these things although they may be in good shape or they still function.

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Think of how many times you threw away plastic used bottles, jars, old paintings, vintage clothes, plates or cups and the list may go on that you have considered wasteless and that they occupy your space for no reason. All these things could become materials for other original things that could make your home look more attractive and interesting.

Take for example this simple DIY Home Light that can be a great pendant lamp for your kitchen. You may create it yourself without too much effort and in the end you may become proud of your talent and result. It is made of 120 plastic drink cups which are washed and dried. Then you will take two of them and you will staple together side-by-side. In order to do a good job you need to place the stapler deep into each cup as far as possible. Now your lamp is getting its curved shape and you will be amazed by the final result.

You may also use your imagination and talent and create some other objects for your home and you will see that the others’ appreciations will not delay to appear.You may also think that it is an activity which helps you to save money and recycle many materials.{found on residentialhd}