Simple and rustic kitchen prep counter

In the kitchen there’s never enough space. The table, counters and other work surfaces are all good but sometimes you need something extra. Depending on the interior décor you already have in your kitchen you can opt for different pieces of furniture. If your kitchen is traditional or has a rustic décor, we have a very nice piece of furniture that could be perfect for you.

This is a very simple but also beautiful Rustic Kitchen Prep Counter. It’s a piece that wold be particularly useful to those who need some extra counter space or storage. This lovely kitchen prep counter features a stainless-steel top, perfect for everyday use. It also features sturdy legs crafted from acacia wood. The combination of steel and wood is common and simple. The steel is great for work surfaces while the wood warms things up and helps create the beautiful rustic design you see here.

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The overall dimensions of this product are 30″w x 14.5″d x 38″h. It doesn’t take much floor space and it also has a compact design. It’s easy to match with a variety of designs and it’s also versatile in terms of style and materials. It has a solid acacia wood frame and stainless-steel top. Some assembly is required upon delivery but it’s an easy and simple process.Not only that this unit adds useful counter space in the kitchen but it’s also very practical in other ways too. The unit is compact but it also provides practical storage space. It features two shelves, perfect for storing kitchen supplies.Available for 242 euros.

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Posted in Kitchen on February 6, 2012

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