Simple and elegant wall-mount vase

People usually like flowers. And because of that they feel the need of including them in their homes. You can instantly guess if someone likes flowers by the number of vases they have in their house.

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I’m sure everyone has seen by now hundreds of vase designs, with different colors, shapes or decorations. So since you have already seen so many, one more really doesn’t make a difference. So here’s what might be something new: a very simple wall-mount vase. The dimensions are 3’’ in diameter and 7’’ high and it was designed to hang directly from an antiqued iron nail. This way it saves space and it also looks good on the wall. The vases can be bought individually or as a set of two and they are only available in the catalog or on the internet Potterybarn. Use this opportunity to add a natural touch to your home with this elegant and simple vase.