Simple and elegant storage cabinet

Black is always a good choice, no matter what the subject of the discussion is. Simplicity is also a good choice. When you put them together, the result has to be extraordinary. Like in the case of this cabinet, for example. It’s black and it’s also simple. You have to like it.

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The thing about simple items is that there’s nothing you can dislike about it. It doesn’t give you many options. Of course, this means you can say “there’s nothing special about it”. But that’s not necessarily true. Simple is special, considering the fact that people are constantly trying to come up with new things, with even more details. Sometimes is better to just stick with the basics.This elegant cabinet doesn’t only come in black. You can also choose between wenge, teak, oak or walnut finish, as well as for glass or lacquered doors for an additional charge. So it seems that it’s not that simple after all.Available for 1845$.