Shoes on the Ceiling: The Importance of the Right Chandelier

A pair of shoes can completely alter the look of an outfit. We’ve all heard that, right? For better or worse, shoes wield a disproportionately large amount of influential power. Imagine a man in a tuxedo with sneakers, or a woman in jeans with heels. The shoes define the overall vibe.

This can also be said for lighting in home décor…specifically, chandeliers. As the primary (or only) floating object, often in the center of a space, a chandelier can’t help but attract attention. For this reason, selecting the right chandelier is of utmost importance if you want your space to pull of the look you’re ultimately going for. Here are some examples of these “shoes” on the ceiling:

In this beautifully monochromatic (white) living room, the visual emphasis on details such as shape and material is heightened. The surroundings are comfortable and simple (even the fireplace is empty). With plain wicker and linen furnishings, these fancy crystal drop chandeliers bring elegance and purpose to the entire space (not just the dining table). The chandelier fills the visual eye-level void perfectly.

Lest you feel like a neutral dining space with curved legs and French farmhouse flair would put you to sleep, this turquoise wooden bead chandelier is there to snuff that idea in the bud. This one piece alone adds as much personality (and dare I say “sass”) into the space as the rest of the carefully selected furnishings. Which are lovely, by the way. Turquoise is utterly unexpected and, therefore, provide a delightful pop, as if the residents are saying, “We enjoy our nice neutral home, but we have a wild side, too!”

This glittery chandelier is in-tune with the rectangular dining room table and angular décor, yet it magically saves the space from feeling like a conference table. (The sleek tabletop and square modern chairs are chic, but because this is a living space, it’s important that these elements are softened. Chandelier to the rescue!) Paired with the elegant creams and blacks of the space, this sparkling crystal chandelier helps the room make “sense.” But mostly, it’s just uber sophisticated.

Substantial enough to hold its own with the exposed beam ceiling, this layered faux-candle-bearing chandelier is also delicate enough to match the femininity of the pleated chairs and tall slender candlesticks in this dining area. The chandelier’s curves are a nice juxtaposition with the linear hardwood and ceiling beams as well. It adds enough visual interest to bring the large-scale room down to a cozier size, and it almost looks like a piece of art against the pale wall. Quite a lovely choice.

“Come on in, come dine, and stay and chat awhile.” If chandeliers could talk, I think this one might run a commentary like that. Neither delicate nor massive, it coincides with the chunky farmhouse table and warmth of the space but doesn’t overpower anything. In fact, the circular piece almost resembles a wagon wheel or an historical lighting fixture with this candle arrangement. Exuding warmth and substance and familiarity and comfort, this chandelier is perfect for a space tucked away from the larger room beyond.

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Published by in Lighting, on January 25th, 2013


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