Shoe Tree Z Black Shoe Rack

Shoes are used every day, but every person has his or her own collection of shoes depending on season, so if the family has more than three members, than you must find a place to store all these shoes. And I bet this problem gets even more complicated when the woman in case is pretty elegant. Well, you can’t just throw them all in a plastic sack and store them in the attic or basement until season changes because it is improper and the shoes will get damaged. The best way to store shoes is to use their own boxes, but this takes a lot of space and also you can’t see what’s inside , so you will have to look for each pair for twenty minutes. Shoe Tree Z Black Shoe Rack seems to be a reasonable solution for this problem.

The shoe tree is a high shoe rack that is able to store up to 12 shoe boxes that are sold separately and that are arranged in an artistic manner on both sides of the rack. This one is black in colour , but there are also other colours available like white and purple and a combination of those. The rack looks futuristic and nice, more like a room decoration than a shoe rack and it is made of MDF. As the boxes are closed you can use a viewing window. The item is now available for £169.00.