Share Design: a great source of inspiration

If you’re not a professional it’s hard even to figure out where to begin from when designing your home. For that you need to start searching for sources of inspiration and for designs to help you get started. Share Design is one such resource. Miranda Lansell is one of the duo that founded Share Design. The other founder is Interior Architect and Designer Shareen Joel, shlisted in the Australian Interior Design Awards.

Share Design offers you a large selection of stylish pictures that you can sue as inspiration. Moreover, from there you can reach other locations as well. All you need to do is mouse over the pictures and they will reveal links to many of the products included in that particular design. This way you save a lot of time that you have otherwise spent searching for those particular items. It’s all there and it’s very accessible. A great tool for those who want to learn more about interior design or who just want some inspiration for their own projects.

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View in gallery

Share Design allows you to closely analyze a particular design and then reproduce it or use it as inspiration for your own creations. The fact that you can get the list of products so easily is probably the biggest advantage it offers. On Share Design you can also find a library of products for modern, Scandinavian styles. What better way of learning that from a couple of talented designers who decided to share their knowledge?