6 Ways To Address A Room’s Undesirable View

When the scene from your window is more eyesore than pretty picture, you want a stylish yet simple way to address the issue. Take a look at these top tips to transform the window into a feature you can be proud of:

Window dressings.

Curtains are a great way to create a luxurious look in your room, and if you are trying to block out an unsightly view, permanently drawn curtains are a good idea. Opt for sumptuous fabrics in the season’s hottest shades to make the offending window an attractive feature of the room. How about emerald green? The colour experts at Pantone have named it Colour of the Year 2013.


Ridding the room of the window’s offending view may do wonders for the ambience, but you could be left with a dark and dingy space. Counteract the loss of natural light by investing in lighting features that’ll not only re-waken the room with their glow, but will create a cosier atmosphere than the cold light of day ever could.

Mount your light fixture as high as possible so the glow reaches all areas. You can still compliment this main light with other sources, lamps on either side of the bed will create a classic, hotel-inspired look. Go for shades that are as lightly-coloured as possible to let maximum light through.

Blackout blinds.

By putting up a blackout blind, you create a sleek covering that subtly draws attention away from the area, especially if you choose a colour that blends in with your walls. Consider putting up a picture of an outdoor scene you would love to see from your window – you might not get the daylight but at least you can wake up to an image of nature!

Venetian blinds.

If you don’t like the idea of covering the window over completely, and don’t fancy the implications of lighting a room solely with artificial lighting, there is another way. Blinds such as the venetian blinds here can be adjusted to let just enough light in without subjecting the eye to the undesirable view and are perfect for more modern homes where curtains would look out of place. Be inspired by the chic monochrome design of this room.

Create a distraction.

The eye needs something to focus on when you enter a room. This can be a brightly coloured feature wall, an arty sculpture, or a bed made up in the latest graphic prints as demonstrated by Easy Living, but without a beautiful view to steal the show, the feature becomes even more important.

Love to hate it.

Have you considered embracing your unconventional view? If you overlook an industrial scene, why not introduce the style into the room with a chic metal bedframe, cool metallic accessories and sturdy, workbench-style furniture?

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on January 18th, 2013


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