Selection of the Right flower vase

Flowers arranged in a flower vase simply look stunning and are known to suit all types of environment.  Whether it is a church, office, mall, or a business establishment, vases with colorful flowers are a common sight. There is a wide range of flowers available in the market and choosing one of them is bound to be tricky. However, the toughest part is to match them with the right flower vase. Whether you use ordinary flowers or exotic flowers, they will not look good, unless you place them in the appropriate vase. It is very vital to select the right flower vase.

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Here is a list of tips that shall help you with the selection of the right flower vase –

a) The first thing that needs to be considered is the size of the vase. Vases are available in all sizes. If you have few flowers, select a small vase, whereas if a bunch of flowers need to be arranged that you need to select a large flower vase with a wide mouth.

b) The height of the vase should also be considered. As a thumb rule, the ideal height of a vase is half in length than that of flowers. Lilies and daffodils have longer blooms, and hence they blend perfect with a tall vase. On the other hand, for close cut flowers such as daises and roses, a low vase will be the ideal choice.

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c) Assure that the flower vase never overpowers the flowers. If they are over decorated and too colorful then they would steal away the beauty of the flowers.

d) It is advisable to select a vase that blends with the flowers as well the room décor. Moreover, they should also serve as decorative items even when they are without flowers.

e) The place where the vase is going to be placed also plays a vital role in the selection process. If the vases are to be placed on a shelf or a table, it is recommended to select vases with wider bases so that they do not topple over. If you want to place a vase outside the porch then select a longer vase so that it is noticeable.

f) Another factor that needs to be considered is the material of the flower vase. Flower vases are available in an array of materials. Glass flower vases are expensive and look good in living room areas. If you are looking for cheaper options then you should go for terracotta, wooden or porcelain vases.

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