SEESAW faucet

Faucets might not seem like a very interesting subject. They are basically a standard choice. People usually spend very little time choosing the faucet for their bathrooms and kitchens and this is a big mistake because basic and elementary fixtures are also important. Take this design for example. It’s a revolutionary faucet because it introduces the concept of economy.

The SEESAW faucet was designed by Han Chanher and its main purpose is to minimize water wasting. It’s called the SEESAW faucet because it uses the principle as the seesaw. This way, when the soap dispenser on one side is pushed down from the neutral position to release soap, the tap on the other side is raised and its flow is prevented. And this is how the up-and-down movement of the seesaw inspired this clever piece.

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Not only that this faucet is very economical, but it also comes in a very attractive design. It’s simple and modern and it would look stylish and beautiful in any bathroom. You can also use it in the kitchen where it might be even more efficient if you like hand-washing the dishes. It’s a very interesting and reliable faucet design and it also has a catchy name. As you can see, sometimes inspiration comes from the most unexpected sources. I don’t have any information bout the price for this faucet, but it should be reasonable.