Scarf organization: when you have just too many

In the upper Northern parts of the United States, or of the world for that matter, scarves are not something that are lacking. Whether it is the winter, spring, and fall or even sometimes in the summer, scarves are a necessary must-have. However, there is a different scarf for every occasion and season. Therefore, you have a million different scarves and no place to put them.

Organization is key when it comes to scarves too. Many of the summer ones come with easy to wrinkle fabrics that can’t be folded or thrown somewhere in your drawer. Others are too heavy to put on a rack or even think about stuffing in between things.

Here are a few ideas:

Clothes hanger.

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This not only organizes them, but also gives you a way to divide them up by colors, seasons and styles.

An Old Fashioned Ladder.View in gallery

A ladder gives the room a different vibe especially with some scarves on it or accessories. This is organization with a little bit of décor as an added plus.

Specific scarf hanging hangers.

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These hangers are in stores and also can be made from scratch with different loops and ties. This hangs down in your closet next to your clothes so it is easier to mix and match for your day.

Bins for just your scarves.

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Bins are easy storage and carrying if you ever need to move them around, but kind of hard to sort through. I have this method in my closet but find myself sifting through them in the winter and making a mess. This is a good storage plan if you don’t have a lot of space to show them off.With several different plans, there is sure to be one that fits your wants and needs.