Santa Claus Dessert Plates for Christmas Table

It is December and everywhere you look you may see the smiling face of Santa Claus. He is almost everywhere you go: in the windows of stores, on the shelves of supermarkets as chocolates, on the walls of buildings climbing them or even in your kitchen taking the shape of a mug, a plate or something like this.

Kids are the ones that are waiting for Santa Claus impatiently. They try to show him how good they were this year so that he cannot forget about their desires for this Christmas and bring them the present they expect. Santa Claus is the center figure of Christmas and it is the reason why his face seems to appear in almost every place. His kind and smiling face makes everything become more pleasant and welcoming.

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Perhaps the same effects will appear the moment you use these lovely Santa Dessert Plates. They are a set of four and for 33.23 euros they become available to you. Their lovely design is completed by the fact that they are handcrafted of stoneware with a hand-painted and glazed finish.The material they are made of allows you to use them in a microwave and be safe in a dishwasher machine too. Now you have the opportunity to transform your dessert moment into a more pleasant and attractive one with these festive dessert plates!

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Posted in Kitchen on December 7, 2011

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