San Francisco Smart And Small Apartment

If modern people face less and less living spaces because many of them are already taken or some are out of our price range, Patrick Kennedy offers a solution to your problem.  He imagined the house equivalent of a Smart Car, a very small place but one that offers all the facilities of a normal house. His tiny space is furnished and it has all the appliances you may need, of course to a smaller scale. The word of order in this design should be “embedded”.  A lot of things come from another thing or it has a double function. The sitting area near the window rises, becoming in an instant a cool dining table with chairs. The kitchen countertop features a small sink and a convection oven that hides underneath.

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The bed is also a comfortable couch during the day. The bathroom tries desperately to incorporate a toilet, sink, storage area and a shower. Not a very successful combination if you ask me, the shower is placed in the middle of the room and the sink is too small.

The two storage spaces can’t open because of the lighting fixtures. In a funny king of way some people would consider living there. At least students or single people who probably  need just a place to live for a short period of time, could find this attractive. This structure represents the smallest legal apartment available and it is for sure destined for those who think that having an address in the best parts of the city, is a cool thing, even it’s a broom  closet.{found on faircompanies}.