Sailor Kid’s Duvet

There is something about men and boys and army or navy or any other field where you need discipline and uniform. I think it’s about respect and self confidence and also about the ancient feeling of men to try to do everything to protect the family or city or town or woman. It’s ancestral and they can’t help it. If you don’t believe me feel free to try this experiment: take your son to a laundry store and show him more duvets or sheets for the bed and make sure one of them is in sailor blue and stripes. He will certainly choose that one on the spot. This Sailor Kid’s Duvet is nice and simple, with rare blue lines on the back and more often lines on the side that you can see on the bed.

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You can match this duvet with a beautiful pillow case with a striped pattern in poppy red. The duvet is made exclusively of cotton and that makes it comfortable and cool in summer and also close to your skin and warm in winter. The patterns are painted with Oeko-Tex® compliant dyes, but if you want to make sure the blue does not come out, you should machine wash it with warm water. But do not bleach. The duvet is made in Portugal and you can have it now for $108 – 120.