Safavieh “Porcello Collection” Rug

Mt children have recently discovered it’s so fun mixing water colours and they one day mixed all of them in order to see what colours they could obtain by doing so. I think all children have this curiosity and this is how the painters discovered the different colour hues, tints and shades. And one of my favourite experiments with colours involves drawing many circles and colouring them in different colours and then mixing the colours two by two when the circles had common areas. This is the basic idea of the following rug – the Safavieh “Porcello Collection” Rug. It has a very nice cream background with many intertwined circles on.

The visual effect is spectacular and the main colours used are red, yellow and black. The rug is made of synthetic fibers and also machine made, but has a very modern and interesting design, with geometrical shapes and patterns and a floral palette of colours. It belongs to “Porcello” collection of rugs from Safavieh and is available in many sizes. Depending on the size you choose the price can vary between $35 and $430.  The rug is made in Belgium and the synthetic material used is Polypropylene. These being said , follow my link and if you like what you see, purchase it.