Rosle Potato Fork

I am sure you like the delicious potato salad your mother or wife or even you cook every now and then. But there is a problem when you want to peel the potatoes you have just taken out of the hot water. They are too hot and burn your hands when you want to hold them. But if you wait until they are totally cold, it won’t be so easy to peel them and they won’t be so tasty either. So maybe you need this very useful and innovative Rosle Potato Fork. This kitchen utensil is small but really useful and you can use it to gently hold the hot potatoes when peeling them.

However, I don’t like purchasing items I only use very seldom, so I wanted to see if I could use this fork for some other things,too. So I use it now for checking if the steak is done and for taking the meat slices out of the frying pan and for many other similar actions. This is possible thanks to the three very thin prongs that are attached to a very shiny but firm metal handle. You can buy it for $22.95.