Roof – A Few Tips of Winter Care

Winter is pussyfooting.  Now, comes the time not only to put on extra cloths but also to keep an eye in the house you leave in. Since, roof of the house is the most exposed area to snow and rain, it is to be given extra care. In the following we discuss a few simple tips on how to prepare your roof to face the winter.

1. Get a roof contractor to have your roof checked.  Minor damages or Shingle cracks may play havoc during winters. It’s high time to get the missing and cracked shingles replaced and other things to be addressed properly.

Winter roof clean

2. Heavy snow fall is a major threat to your roof. Gathering of ice on the roof top simply worsens the situation by creating pressure on the roof. Attic ventilation system can be installed to ensure proper circulation of air leading to less formation of ice on the roof. Again, it cuts down your energy bill by atleast 30%.

3. Gutter cleaning should be given prime importance.  As it is often found that the gutter system is blocked with tree leaves, branches, etc, melted snow or rain may stag on the roof top damaging not only the roof but also the interiors. Gutters are to be fastened properly to prevent overflow.

4. It is needed to religiously scrutinize the roof top and walls to find out if there is any stain mark. It may be indicating a leak. However, small it might seem, it should not be neglected and properly sealed. During heavy snowfall, these small leaks cannot be located.

5. Valleys in the roofline are prone to cracks and leaks. Proper care to be taken to repair them and these areas are to be protected with shingles and materials necessary for roof.

6. Debris puts an obstacle in the way of rain water and melting snow. This simply adds to the weight on the rooftop causing roof leaks. Thorough checkup of gutters and valleys will not only help to locate debris but also to remove them.

7. Flashing problem is the daddy of all the roof-related problems. Flashing is the aluminum pieces used around roof edges, roof piping, roof vents, and chimneys. It is applied to the roof-to-wall transition to prevent the water from getting soaked in the interiors. Heavy wind and rain cause damages to the flashing. Hence, before the onset of winter month, damaged flashings should effectively be changed or redone.

8. Adjacent trees extending their twigs over the roof pose a serious threat. During heavy snow fall the branches become heavy and have a possibility of being broken. This may cause huge damage to the roof. Also, animals like raccoons can easily come on the roof.

9. Several thick brush brooms should be kept handy in a place where you can access easily. It will help you clean the ice, if needed.

10. Using a snow blower is a possible threat to your roof. It is to be avoided. While cleaning the snow on the rooftop, make sure not to damage the roofing material.{pic from source}.

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