Relaxing W Hotel New York by BBG- BBGM

New York is a nice city that by definition everybody knows it as the noisiest too. But here you can find some oases of quiet places which make you forget about all the noisy elements of this city: crowded places, agitated traffic, hurried people and the list can go on. One of these oases is W Hotel New York.

W Hotel New York was designed by BBG- BBGM. It is a modern, elegant hotel where you can find your peace. Its interiors have warm colors inspired from nature, soothing materials and a design using curving, organic shapes. Each of the design elements is meant to contribute and create a warm and calm atmosphere where you can relax.

Its terraces include relaxing pieces of furniture: sofas, lounges, or other relaxing elements that can assure you a nice staying such as a billiard table. From these terraces you can admire beautiful, panoramic views of the city which are wonderful during the night.