Relaxing Papageno chair by Jan Armgardt

When you look at this chair you probably think it looks modern. It was actually designed in 1993, which is hard to believe. No doubt that Jan Armgardt was a designer avant la letter and he managed to create something different at that time. And 18 years later it still looks good, which is not an easy thing to accomplish.

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This compact armchair is so comfortable that it even looks relaxed. It puts together the funny aluminum feet and the sensual organic shape to create a combination that seems natural. All these features, plus the bright and happy colors contribute to its original and clever design. This is truly a piece of furniture that will never age and that would nicely integrate in both a traditional home design and a more modern one. It has the best of both worlds. An eye- catching piece that will complete your interior design.

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Posted in Sofa and Chair on April 5, 2011

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