Relaxing Casa La Bella

Ocean is an immensity of blue wideness which makes you think of all sorts of things like spirit, freedom, love, peacefulness, desires and dreams. The clear- crystal blue waters represent a relaxing and great view which makes you feel comfortable, fresh and fills you with joy and romanticism.

Usually these places become a wonderful attraction for tourists who love water, sandy hot beaches and the breathtaking views. One of these places is Casa La Bella, a great place located in South Point, on the Isla Mujeres, Mexico. It is a beautiful and exotic building with a simple design and oriental details.

Casa La Bella has four bedroom, five baths, a kitchen, great terraces and a gorgeous pool. All its interiors are spacious, modern but with a simple and practical design. There are used fresh colors like light blue, yellow or turquoise which bring a touch of optimism and joy.

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The round cupola of the building may make you think of those oriental mosques where peace and silence seem to dominate them. Each room will offer you wonderful views of the blue waters of the ocean that will take your breath away.Although it seems a peaceful place where you cannot do much you will discover different activities like snorkeling around the island’s coral reef or visiting the Mayan ruins which will make your time fly in a subtle way.

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Posted in Architecture on July 14, 2011

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