Rattan Ribbed Wave Floor Lamp from Marks&Spencer

Floor lamps are very nice because you can use them for their primary purpose – as lighting devices, but also as decorations in your home. This lamp for example is perfect to use in a large living room with rattan furniture, as it is made of the same material and will fit perfectly. This floor lamps is big enough to be placed in a corner (H125 x D30cm) and light up the room in a discrete way. The “cage” around the light bulb  is made of rattan, so a natural material that gives a rustic appearance to your home.

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The Rattan Ribbed Wave Floor Lamp casts a gentle light as it is filtered by the rattan fibres around the bulb and feels almost like an outdoor experience. The rattan  floor lamp has a wavy design and has an inline foot switch.  You can purchase this item now from Marks&Spencer, the famous British store for about £75.00.

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Posted in Lighting on August 4, 2011

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