Precious Italian looking glass mirror

The timeless sunburst motif is known everywhere around the world. It’s a symbolic image and nowadays has lost its significations and it’s only appreciated for its looks and interesting features. The motif is often used in the domain of decoration and interior design. For example, analyzing this beautiful mirror, the sunburst motif is evidently at the base of its design.

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However there’s a modern twist on the traditional design. The antiqued edges of the mirror create a sophisticated look. This piece is very hard to create because it’s handcrafted. It’s also hard to obtain because from the same reason it comes in small quantities. The attention to details is amazing and the overall look is also quite remarkable. The dimensions are 40″W x 2″D x 50″H.

It would make a beautiful decoration if placed in an appropriate environment that shares the same style. For the those who love vintage pieces and traditional designs this would be a nice choice.Found on interior furniture and it’s available for 1924$.