Precious Diamante by Regia

Most of the women are fascinated by jewelry and things that can make underline their beautiful lines and shapes. They love all the things that refer to bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings or broaches. These are most of the jewelry that make them feel happy, confident in their own forces, beautiful and attractive. As they are very careful to their aspect, most of their time is spent in front of a mirror. They will always check their make-up, their scarf or any other item which can affect their image. First impression will always count for them.

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Regia took all these aspects into account and designed a precious mirror which will attract any woman. It takes the shape of a huge and precious diamante. For this reason it is called the Diamante.

Diamante represents every woman’s dream come true as it features a gorgeous design where you will always discover your precious face. It looks like a diamond that waits to fit on a real ring and its beautiful aspect will bring the luxury into your house. Every woman will appreciate this beautiful mirror which will always make them feel comfortable and nice the moment they see its wonderful design.Diamante is definitely the diamond that cannot be absent from any woman’s house!