Practical DIY Skateboard Bookshelves

Extreme sports became more and more searched by young people. Sports like: bungee- jumping, rafting or surfing are extremely appreciated by them.

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One of the most popular extreme sports is skateboarding. It is a sport that can be practiced anywhere in the world and skate- parks became more and more numerous.Taylor Hamilton had the marvelous idea of reusing the used skateboards by transforming them into bookshelves. It is a simple method of building a bookcase. The only thing we need there are some used skateboards and a little imagination.

Usually the young people who practice extreme sports are more independent, so that a bookcase made of skateboards which is a little more nonconformist, is exactly what they would like to have in their own bedroom. They will also definitely impress their friends with this kind of bookcase.

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There are skateboards for kids which have printed cartoons on them. Although they might be used they can easily become bookshelves for a bookcase designed by Taylor Hamilton. Definitely the way it is designed and the cartoons printed on it will bring a joyful touch in their rooms.Besides the books, on the shelves some other objects can be sit that are useful for the person who would like to build such a bookcase.