Porcelain Keys

Some things are very useful around the house and we do use them every day for different purposes and different activities. However, every now and then we feel like making our homes more beautiful and welcoming than they already are, so we use some things for decorative purposes only. The best example are these Porcelain Keys that can be hung on the kitchen wall or even displayed in a transparent cabinet on a wooden shelf and will look just great. They are not functional as you do not use them as normal keys for locking or unlocking certain locks.

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The keys are a symbol of your openness and hospitality if displayed for the guests to see and also a sign of good taste. You can show or maybe give one of them to the person you love as a sign of confidence and trust, as if “you give them the key to your heart”. Poket porcelain keys are made of white ceramics in Japan. If you want them you can have a set of five for $36.

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Posted in Design And Concept, Furniture on October 6, 2011

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