Plyght shelving system by Joeri Reynaert

For those who enjoy simple things in life, who are constantly searching for ways to improve the quality of their life, to be as functional and practical as they can, designer Joeri Reynaert has come up with a new piece that attempts to solve all those issues. He created a shelving system that has a fluid shape and a design that allows it to be light as a feather, metaphorically speaking of course.

The design itself is quite simple and not very complex. The shelf features a long bend on its wall side that increases its stability and, in the same time,, hides the fixture elements. This makes the shelf look like a natural part of the wall, like an extension, like a body that floats against the wall. Furthermore, if you look at it from a certain angle, it even looks like a feather. Of course, not only the shape makes that possible. The shelf also features integrates upwards and downwards lighting.

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The molded wood together with the 3D veneers and the other features that have already been discussed, help form the modern and delicate design that you see here. Plyght is a very simple but very functional shelving system. It’s easy to mount on the wall and its structure makes it look elegant and stylish. The natural wood colors add warmth and cozyness to the room. In terms of design and influences, it seems like a modern, even contemporary piece. However, the structure still presents some classical features.

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Posted in Bookshelves on July 29, 2011

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