Plush Fox Pillow in Orange

Kids love animals very much because they are so loving and altruistic. All the animals are given names and hug and cuddled in their arms and you can’t just resist them. That is why kids prefer having all their belongings covered with animal prints or animal drawings. They are not scared by them, but rather attracted and if you give them the opportunity to choose between a simple pillow and one covered with the face of an animal, they will always choose the latter. This Plush Fox Pillow in Orange is the perfect gift for a kid or for the kids room. The pillow has a fox drawing on it and is coloured in orange, the natural colour of the fox fur.

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The fox pattern is printed on a soft cotton and is stuffed with a soft filling that allows a very comfortable position of the head during sleep and during the time you relax in bed. The pillow is hand sewn which makes it personalized and very precious, as the people manufacturing each pillow invest personal feelings in it and make each unique. The orange plaid backing makes it perfect for the kids room or maybe for decorating a nursery, as it has the perfect size for it – about 10 inches tall. You can purchase the item for $19 from Etsy.